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Religious Live TV - Web TV
CountryChannel NameLiveSpeedInformation
ArgentinaCanal LuzLive291KChristian family broadcast.
ArgentinaProvincialLive200KReligious TV from Mercedes City, Buenos AiresProvince.
AustraliaACC TVLivewebThe Australian Christian TV broadcasts on TV channel 49 of OPTUS television.
AustriaK TVLive300KCatholic TV channel from Dornbirn.
BahrainAl Maaref TVLive100KReligious TV channel.
BoliviaRedadvenirLive200KChristian TV channel.
BrazilBoa VontadeLive100KChristian TV channel.
BrazilFNC TVLive100KCatholic TV.
BrazilIEQLive141KChristian TV channel.
BrazilIgreja EvangelicaLive200KReligious TV channel.
BrazilIsraelitas TVLive256KCultural and religious TV.
BrazilRede Boas NovasLive185KChristian channel.
BrazilRede GenisisLivewebChristian TV channel.
BrazilRede GospelLive120KChristian TV.
BrazilRede SuperLive90KEvangelical channel from Belo Horizonte.
BrazilRede VidaLive185KChristian TV channel.
BrazilRit TVLivewebChristian TV Channel.
BrazilTV AparecidaLive100KReligious TV channel. Sometimes online.
BrazilTV CarajasLivewebChristian TV channel.
BrazilTV CristoLive90KChristian Evangelical channel.
BrazilTV Mundo MaiorLive100KReligious TV.
CanadaSalt and LightLive300KCatholic channel.
ChileCanal 13 CableLivewebPontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.
ColombiaCanal 41 ABNLivewebLocated in Bogota.
ColombiaCMBLive300KReligious channel.
ColombiaCMBLive532KChristian TV channel.
Costa RicaCanal 23Live300KChristian TV.
Costa RicaFCN TVLive141KChristian family TV from Heredia.
Czech Rep.Hope Channel CzechLive890KChristian television network.
Czech Rep.TV NOELive720KChristian TV channel.
DominicanRep.La Voz de MariaLive300KChristian TV Channel.
EgyptAl HayatLive130KAlhayat TV also known as Life TV is an Arabic Christian television channel.
EgyptAl NasLive200KReligious TV channel.
EgyptATV SatLive200KChristian channel.
EgyptSat 7Live100KSatellite channel for the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa.
El SalvadorCanal 17Live273KChristian TV channel.
El SalvadorCanal 27Live300KChristian TV Channel.
El SalvadorEl CaminoLive200KChristian channel.
EstoniaLife TVLive384KChristian channel from Tallinn.
FinlandTV7Live364KChristian TV channel.
FranceKTO TVLive1092KCatholic channel.
GermanyHope channel DeutschLive273KChristian television network.
GermanyHope TV EuropeLive264KChristian television network.
Greece4E TVLive485KReligious channel.
GreeceLyxnosLive45KTV from the Orthodox Bisdom in Patras.
GreeceNikaia ChurchLive83KFree Apostolic Church Of Pentecost Nikaia.
GreecePatras ChurchLive140KChristian TV channel.
GreeceVoice of GodLive150KChristian channel.
GreeceWord of God / EnglishLive150KEnglish language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast.
GreeceWord of God / GreekLive150KGreek language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast.
GreeceWord of God / italianLive150KItalian language: Christian Pentecostal Church that transmits an Internet only broadcast.
GuatemalaCanal 27Live100KReligious TV channel.
HondurasIglesia de Cristo EbenezerLive575KChristian TV channel.
IndiaAngel TVLive331KReligious TV channel.
IndiaDivine Vision NetworkLivewebReligious TV channel.
IndiaPeace TVLive140KIslamic channel.
IndiaRainbow TVLive132KChristian TV channel.
IndiaShalom TVLivewebReligious TV channel.
IndiaVTN VeluguLivewebChristian Gospel channel.
IranAhl E BaitLive273KIslamic channel.
IranMiracle ChannelLive190KReligious TV channel.
IranMohabat TVLive141KPersian christian channel.
IranQuran TVLive273K.
IranSalaam TVLive222KIslamic channel.
IranTBN NejatLive300KReligious TV channel.
IranThe Healing ChannelLive304KReligious TV channel.
IsraelIFBNLive273KChristian TV.
IsraelKabbalah TV (English)Live288KThe Kabbalah TV channel offers a wide selection of free VOD and live TV broadcasts in 5 languages, 24 hours a day.
IsraelKabbalah TV (Russian)Live288KThe Kabbalah TV channel offers a wide selection of free VOD and live TV broadcasts in 5 languages, 24 hours a day.
IsraelKabbalah TV (Spanish)Live288KThe Kabbalah TV channel offers a wide selection of free VOD and live TV broadcasts in 5 languages, 24 hours a day.
ItalyLa Tua TelevisioneLive273KChristian TV.
ItalyTRGLive232KChristian TV channel.
ItalyTV Padre PioLive200KReligious TV channel.
KazakhstanCNL EuropaLive259KChristian TV channel.
KazakhstanCNL SiberiaLive273KChristian TV channel.
Korea,SouthC3TVLive273KChristian Internet Broadcasting.
Korea,SouthCGNTVLive140KChristian Gospel channel.
Kurdistan(Iraq)Speda TVLive141KIslamic channel.
KuwaitAl WatanLivewebReligious TV channel.
MexicoMonte MariaLive200KHispanic Christian TV.
MexicoPDV TVLive341KReligious TV channel.
MozambiqueTV Mana [HD]Live2000KLocal TV from Maputo.
NetherlandsSpirit 24Live500KChristian TV.
NewZealandShine TVLive384KNational Christian Television.
NigeriaEmmanuel TVLive300KEmmanuel TV is one of Africa's largest Christian television networks. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and founded by T.B. Joshua, Pastor of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).
NigeriaLoveworldLive148KChristian TV channel.
NorwayTV Visjon NorgeLive500KChristian TV.
PakistanDawate IslamiLive142KReligious TV channel. Madani Channel
PakistanHadi TVLive200KReligious TV channel.
PakistanHaq TVLive128KReligious TV channel.
PanamaHosanna TVLive141KChristian television channel broadcasting from 6 am EST until midnight.
PeruBethelLive300KChristian TV.
PeruPacifico TVLive141KChristian TV channel.
PhilippinesCCTNLive100KCebu Catholic Television Network
PhilippinesThe Old PathLive300KLive from Manila.
PhilippinesUNTVLivewebBalanced, quality programming, value-laden shows, and public service.
PolandTV TrwamLive200KReligious TV channel.
PortugalEnlaceLive128KChristian Evangelical channel.
PortugalMana SatLive128KChristian channel.
PuertoRicoLa Familia DelafeLivewebChristian Channel.
PuertoRicoTeleadoracionLive144KChristian channel.
Russianfed.Evangelist OnlineLive900KReligious TV channel.
Russianfed.TV SoyuzLive200KReligious TV channel.
Russianfed.UVCMLive346KChristian TV channel.
SaudiArabiaIqraa TVLive100KIslamic channel.
SaudiArabiaSunnah TVLive200KReligious TV channel.
SouthAfricaCTVLive300KCTV is a Christian channel dedicated to SERVE, DEVELOP and EDUCATE.
SouthAfricaDivine TruthLive150KChristian channel.
SouthAfricaKruiskyk TVLive300KChristian TV Channel.
SouthAfricaMFMLive300KMFM or Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries is a full gospel ministry devoted to the revival of Apostolic signs.
SouthAfricaSpirit WordLive143KChristian channel.
SpainCetelmonLivewebChristian TV from La Paz.
SpainTV AmistadLive250KReligious TV channel.
SwedenKanal 10Live512KChristian TV channel.
TaiwanGood TVLive141KReligious TV.
ThailandDMCLive450KDhammakaya Foundation media channel.
ThailandTV MuslimLive141KIslamic channel.
Trinidad and Tob.TIN The Islamic NetworkLive141KOffers programs for the purpose of informing the public about Islamic belief.
TurkeyCEM TVLive252KReligious TV channel.
TurkeyTV MekkeLivewebReligious TV channel.
UnitedKingdomIIPCTVLive153KOffers programs for the purpose of informing the public about Islamic belief.
UnitedKingdomINI TVLive300KInspiration Network International (Religious television).
UnitedKingdomIslam ChannelLive100KIslamic satellite channel located in the UK.
UnitedKingdomMTALivewebAhmadi Religious TV-channel broadcasting from UK but in different languages.
UnitedKingdomRevelation TVLive500KChristian TV Channel.
UnitedKingdomUCBLive300KChristian TV channel.
USA3ABNLive300KA 24 hour Christian Television Network.
USAABN Sat 1Live300KAramaic Broadcasting Network. Christian TV Channel.
USAAl Karma TVLive273KArabic Christian TV.
USAAlmavisonLivewebHispanic Christian TV.
USAAmazing FactsLivewebReligious TV channel.
USACBN EspanolLive716KChristian television channel.
USACBN LiveLive716KChristian television channel.
USAChurchChannelLive300KA multi-denominational religious network that features church services.
USACTNiLive331KInternational edition of the American Christian Network.
USACTVN (Cornerstone)Live150KChristian TV Network.
USACYCLive287KChristian Youth TV channel.
USADaystarLivewebChristian TV channel.
USADr. Gene Scott.Live273KDr. Gene Scott preaching from The Cathedral in Los Angeles. 24 hours a day.
USAEWTNLivewebReligious TV channel. Stream 1 is Spanish. Stream 2 is English.
USAGLCLivewebChristian TV.
USAGuide us TVLive400KIslamic channel.
USAHis ChannelLive702KThe Conservative Christian Network.
USAHope TVLive300KChristian television network.
USAIglesia JemirLive273KHispanic Christian TV.
USAJCTVLive291KChristian music.
USAJesus Live NetworkLive100KChristian TV Channel.
USALegagy Television NetworkLive500KChristian TV Channel.
USALiberty ChannelLivewebChristian TV channel.
USALiveZone TelevisionLive200KChristian TV Channel.
USALLBNLivewebChristian Network from California.
USASave TVLive300KReligious TV channel.
USASmile of a child TVLive300KChildren's Christian programming.
USATBNLive500KReligious network, located in Santa Ana.
USATBN EnlaceLive291KA spanish language Christian Network.
USATCTLive200KChristian TV channel.
USATelegraciaLive377KChristian TV (spanish) from Miami.
USAThe Word NetworkLive352KA 24 hour Christian Television Network.
USA(AL-CA)IZ HopeLive300KChristian music videos, Christian movies and Christian children series.
USA(AL-CA)Shepherds ChapelLive45KLocated in Gravette. Provides live Bible study hours.
USA(CO-HI)Superchannel WACXLive100KLive prayers from Orlando.
USA(CO-HI)WCLFLive100KChristian Television Network.
USA(CO-HI)WHBRLive331KChristian TV channel.
USA(CO-HI)WRXY Christian Television NetworkLive273KChristian Network from Florida.
USA(ID-MA)Catholic TVLive400KCatholic TV.
USA(MI-NY)Unity BroadcastingLive141KChristian television channel located in the rural Mississippi town of Fulton.
USA(NC-TN)GBN TVLive222KThe Gospel Broadcasting Network, located in Chattanooga.
USA(NC-TN)GEBLive200KChristian Network broadcasting from the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
USA(NC-TN)Spirit TelevisionLive274KChristian TV.
USA(TX-WY)House of RefugeLive200KReligious TV channel.
VaticanCitySat2000Live300KCatholic channel.
VaticanCityVatican TVLive350KOnly transmitting during some parts of the day when there is activity in the Vatican City.
VaticanCityVatican TVRec.webOnly transmitting during some parts of the day when there is activity in the Vatican City.
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